Central High

2015-2016 Student Handbook – FHC Orchestras





Dear FHC Orchestra Students and Families,


Welcome to an exciting year of making music. The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with information relevant to your experience with the FHC Orchestras. Classroom expectations, performance responsibilities, grading, and additional information are contained in this handbook for your convenience. This document is also available online at www.fhcorchestra.org


Classroom Expectations


  • Be in your seat with necessary equipment (instrument, folder, pencil, tuner, etc.) following the tardy bell.
  • During rehearsals, play and talk only during appropriate times.
  • Have and use a pencil during rehearsals and practice sessions.
  • Treat the opinions and abilities of others with the respect they deserve.
  • Practice.
  • Prepare your music outside of class as an individual so our class may succeed as an ensemble.
  • Keep our Orchestra room tidy. No food, gum, or candy please.
  • Treat all equipment and supplies with great care.




Grades are determined through a combination of daily participation, concert attendance, various written and playing tests, projects, class assignments, and final examinations. Students will complete several quarterly self-assessments which will involve goal setting with regard to technical skill development and out-of-class preparation. Self-evaluations will be considered in determining quarterly grades.


Concert and Rehearsal Attendance


Attendance at concerts is mandatory. Attendance at non-performance events is also mandatory unless specifically noted in the calendar of events. Absences from performances will only be excused in case of illness or family emergency. In the event of a school event conflict, please see your director. Students who fail to perform at a concert due to family emergency or illness must bring a signed note explaining the absence. Unexcused absences from a performance effect student grades and may result in a student being excused from the ensemble.




Auditions and Chair Placement


Students will perform a chair placement audition at the beginning of each semester. This audition is used to determine chair placement for the entire semester. Auditions are recorded by video camera. Auditions are scored by the director on a district-level orchestra playing test rubric. In the event of a numerical tie in chair placement scores, the higher chair shall be awarded to the player who has demonstrated a higher level of commitment and leadership in the opinion of the director.


Concert Attire


The goal of wearing a concert uniform is to present a professional visual appeal to our audience. No student shall be denied the opportunity to perform in uniform. Please see Mr. Pool if there is an issue obtaining part or all of the required uniform.

Ladies: Solid black Orchestra blouse, solid black skirt or pants, black dress shoes. Note: Skirts should come below the knee when seated in performance. Orchestra blouses may be ordered through the Orchestra Boosters.

Concert Orchestra Gentlemen: Black long-sleeved dress shirt, black dress pants, black socks and black dress shoes.

Symphony Orchestra Gentlemen: Black tuxedo jacket, white tuxedo shirt, black bow-tie, black tuxedo pants, black socks and dress shoes. Symphony gentlemen are provided all uniform items except black socks and shoes. Uniform fittings take place in September during class. Following is the 2015-2016 calendar of events. This information will also available online at WWW.fhcorchestra.org.


Calendar of Events – Central Orchestras – 2015-2016

Date                       Time       School                    Location Event                                                                                     

Oct. 17                   9AM-      CHS                         GVSU                      String Leadership Day (selected players) Oct. 17

Oct. 29, 31            TBA         CHS                         Zeeland          All-State Auditions

Oct. 28                   7PM        CHS                         FAC                         Fall Orchestra Concert

Dec. 10                     7PM        CHS                         FAC                         CHS Winter Concert

Dec. 17                  7PM        CHS                         CHS                         Goodwillie Pit Orchestra

Jan. 30                    TBA         CHS                         E. Kentwood          MSBOA HS Solo and Ensemble Festival

Feb. 7                     AM          CHS                         CHS                         MSBOA State S&E entries due

Feb. 23                   7PM        CHS/NHS/EHS        FAC                         Symphony Orchestra Night (Masterworks)

Feb. 24                   7PM        CHS/NHS/EHS        FAC                         Concert Orchestra Night (Soiree’)

Mar. 17-19            TBA         CHS                         FAC                         FHC Spring Musical

Mar. 19                  TBA         CHS                         TBA                         State Solo and Ensemble Festival

Mar. 22                  7PM        CW/CMS/CHS       FAC                         31st Spring String Fling

May 9                     7PM        CHS                         FAC                         CHS Spring Concert/Senior Recognition

May 24                   6:15        CHS                         Sunshine                CHS Graduation – Orchestra Performs