CHS Calendar

Forest Hills Central Orchestras – Master Calendar Central High, Central Middle, Central Woodlands

Calendar of Events – Central Orchestras – 2015-2016

Date                       Time       School                    Location Event                                                                                     


Oct. 1                     AM          CHS                         CHS                         All-State audition entry deadline

Oct. 9                     4:30        CHS                         Ada                         Homecoming Parade

Oct. 17                   9AM       CHS                         GVSU                      String Leadership Day (selected players)

Oct. 28                   7PM        CHS                         FAC                         Fall Orchestra Concert

Oct. 29, 31            TBA         CHS                         E. Kentwood          All-State Auditions

Nov. 23                  AM          CHS                         CHS                         Solo and Ensemble Deadline

Dec. 9                     5-8 PM   CHS                         FAC                         CHS Winter Collage Concert rehearsal

Dec. 10                  7PM        CHS                         FAC                         FHC Winter Collage Concert

Dec. 16                  7PM        CHS                         CHS                         Goodwillie Pit Orchestra (selected players)

Jan. 5                      AM          CHS                         CHS                         Senior Solo information due

Jan. 30                    TBA         CHS                         E. Kentwood          MSBOA HS Solo and Ensemble Festival

Feb. 6                     AM          CHS                         CHS                         MSBOA State S&E entries due

Feb. 23                   7PM        CHS/NHS/EHS        FAC                         Symphony Orchestra Night (Masterworks)

Feb. 24                   7PM        CHS/NHS/EHS        FAC                         Concert Orchestra Night (Soiree’)

Mar. 17-19            TBA         CHS                         FAC                         FHC Spring Musical

Mar. 19                  TBA         CHS                         TBA                         State Solo and Ensemble Festival

Mar. 22                  7PM        CW/CMS/CHS       FAC                         32nd Spring String Fling

May 9                     7PM        CHS                         FAC                         CHS Spring Concert/Senior Recognition

May 24                   6:15        CHS                         Sunshine                CHS Graduation – Orchestra Performs