Central Middle

Seventh and Eighth Grade Orchestra Families, I am very excited with the progress of the orchestras so far this year! We have been working diligently to improve our skills and gain a greater enjoyment from our ensemble experience. Fast approaching is a very exciting event called the Orchestra Extravaganza. On Monday, November 4, all seventh and eighth grade orchestra players from Forest Hills Eastern, Northern, and Central will combine for a workshop and clinic resulting in a short evening performance. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop friendships and camaraderie across the district and amongst orchestra players. Orchestra players will take part in combined group rehearsals led by a guest director who will focus on the finer points of the music. After rehearsals, the students will enjoy a pizza dinner and a time of fellowship. The culminating activity is a short performance in the FAC auditorium with our guest directors. This will be a thrilling concert and an excellent afternoon of fun learning.   This year, our guest directors are Mrs. Carol Johnson and Mrs. Becky Bush. They are an excellent team of teachers with a wealth of experience. We are very fortunate to welcome them and their expertise.   Here is the schedule for the String Extravaganza. Please plan on attending the concert; it starts at 6:30 PM in the Fine Arts Center.

Following the 6:30 concert Р Students are finished and free to leave the FAC. We will not be wearing performance uniform for this concert. The Extravaganza will be an exciting time for playing, making friends, and for sharing music together. The Extravaganza is made possible by the generous contributions of our patrons. Thank you for your support of the orchestras at CMS! Please call with any questions, or if you would like to assist with logistics 493-8750.